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Day 440: Let’s go Disco in Bulgaria

Istanbul, Turkey – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

First impression of Bulgaria: the 80’s making a comeback or it never left. My bus from Turkey to Bulgaria was mostly full of Bulgarians with perm fake blond hairdos, crooked teeth and track suits and pants. My suspicion thickened when a gay fella from my bus said that we should go to “disco” in Plovdiv.

I arrived late in the afternoon in town and went straight to my hostel. To my dismay, the hostel wasn’t anything 80’s or socialist looking, it’s almost more like it’s off IKEA catalog. I kid. I kid. I was relief that it’s modern. It’s a cozy modern apartment with beanbags in the common room and flat screen TV hooked up to a laptop and Internet via HDMI. The YouTube streaming and Facebook browsing young owner put Animatrix on screen in the evening while guests chilled and had dinner. It’s interesting how more and more similar people from this era are from all over the world. Gone are the big cultural gap. Technology unites us all together.

At the hostel, I met two Irish guys, Aidan and Paul, who are on their mission to bike from Ireland to Oz. Check out their Facebook page “Cycle to Oz” and donate to their cause to fight Cancer and Alzheimer.


  1. zhyew
    Posted 6 Nov at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    Hey, thank u very much for ur quick update. u might not do this for me though. still, thanks.

  2. Elys
    Posted 7 Nov at 8:34 am | Permalink

    No worries, thanks for checking up on the site. Let me know if you have any questions on the Balkans :] Enjoy the rest of your trip! It was nice meeting you.

    • zhyew
      Posted 8 Nov at 2:42 pm | Permalink

      Rest assured, be prepared being bombarded by loads of questionsssss. u will run away then.. u too, enjoy the very last month to the max!!

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