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Day 336: (。◕‿◕。)

Taipei, Taiwan

World is small indeed. Two years ago when I hosted Akie in NYC, I was also hosting Shirley and Stanley at the same time. All of them were on their round-the-world trip. It’s a pleasure being able to meet them all again this time around when I’m doing my world travel. What’s more was that I got to finally meet a new member of the gang, baby Lucia!

Baby Lucia is lucky to have Shirley and Stanley as parents. They’re one of the coolest and warmest couples I’ve ever met. At their home, there’s a huge map of the world on the wall and Stanley would be pointing at places to baby Lucia telling her the names. I’m sure this kid will grow up really savvy in geography and inherit the wanderlust from her folks.

I met up with the family and my friend Sharon and had a buffet lunch. I had known Sharon from more than a decade. We first met as middle school and high school students back when I visited Taiwan from Indonesia. Being obsessed with the same kind of bands and indie music, we got along quite well and had been in touch on and off.

After lunch, Sharon had other engagement so I went with Shirley, Stanley and baby Lucia to a BBQ at their friend’s. The BBQ style is quite different from how it’s done in the States, but it tastes just as good :]


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