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Day 319: Fineshrine

Hiroshima – Miyajima – Hiroshima – Kyoto, Japan

Miyajima is considered one of the three most scenic sites in Japan (Nihon Sankei). It absolutely earns the credit rightfully.

The main attraction is the floating Torii gate and temple that during high tide would seemingly rise out of the sea. I was there during the low tide so the view was not as dramatic. But this lent me the chance to venture down the shore and reach the gate. People stick ¥5 coins into it for good luck. Local old ladies squat along the seaweed patches to gather clams and shells.

In the Itsukushima Shrine, I was lucky enough to encounter a proper old school Japanese wedding. Traditional music and dance were performed for the couple and their guests. I shamelessly squeezed myself amongst the crowd and managed to snap some pics.

Miyajima would have been a great day trek. I did a half a day trek, bringing me to small temples along the way. I particularly enjoyed a specific temple called Daisho-in. Nestled deep in the hill, it’s easily missed. Daisho-in houses many small gods’ statues were placed by the side of the steps and by the trees.

Another unmissable attraction of Miyajima is its abundant semi-wild deers. These guys were everywhere. One fella snatched and ate the corner of my map. I hadn’t much luck trying to dig the piece of paper out of its munching mouth. Hope it’s alright. I heard Japan make top-notch paper :P

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