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Day 166: Beat And the Pulse

Guayaquil, Ecuador – Lima, Peru

Today’s finally the day for the 2nd segment (out of 16) of our round-the-world trip flights. We’re flying out of Guayaquil, leaving Ecuador, for Lima, Peru.

Our plan was to stay in a hostel in downtown Lima, but our taxi driver talked us into staying in the fancier and supposedly safer area of Lima called Miraflores. We took his advice since we had another hostel in mind with the same pricing anyway.

Known for its shopping areas, gardens, flower-filled parks and beaches, Miraflores is really upscale. We spent the afternoon walking the district center and along the promenade by Costa Verde. Locals seem to take it easy as well, enjoying the perfect sunny day laying on the grass, rollerblading, eating ice cream, etc.

I touched up this first photo to use it as the featured image of the day but realized I had too many blues on the front page of my blog. Haha, I’m anal like that.

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