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Day 91: Rest Now, Weary Head!

Vienna, Austria

Today I did something that I would not have imagined myself doing. But I suppose it’s time for me to try something new. After doing the touristy routine of going to the Belvedere Palace and museum to see some Gustav Klimt’s and Egon Schiele’s artwork, I decided to join a Vienna couchsurfing monthly meeting. It’s definitely interesting.

In the CS meet-up, some folks were doing normal picnicking.

Some were slacklining.

Some were doing this free box idea.

And some (including me) were doing this hour and a half long session of laughing yoga.

I really can’t see my normal self doing this but hey, gotta experience as much as I can! And it turned out to be quite a lot of fun and a good way to bond with people.

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  1. Richard
    Posted 24 Aug at 11:48 pm | Permalink

    So that’s laughing yoga, haha.

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