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The Silk Route on A Train

Day 379: Fat Child’s Journey Back East

Urumqi – Beijing, China I must have gained weight in Asia, being fed so well by all the friends and relatives. The old ladies in my train compartment amicably addressed me by “Pang Yatou”, meaning “Fat child”. I don’t know what to make of it. […]

VIP baby!

Day 378: Vee-Eye-Pee Yo!

Urumqi – Beijing, China It would have been quite a pain, even impossible, securing the train ticket back to Beijing, had it not been a hook up by Xiaoyun’s husband, Baoming. Knowing people sure means something here. Our car was allowed to drive in a […]

South Urumqi

Day 377: In The Dead We Dwell

Shihezi – Urumqi, China We made our way back from Shihezi to Urumqi today. Urumqi is the gateway city to and fro Xinjiang to other Chinese provinces. I was to catch a train towards Beijing the next day. Xiaoyun and Wenwen showed me around their […]

The boy and his dog

Day 374: The Boy and His Dog

Burqin – Urumqi – Shihezi, China The past few entries’ featured photos make me feel like a pedophile… Not that I’m into kids or anything, but they’re easier to take photos of. I’m hesitant to approach adults.  Anyway, on the last day of the tour, […]

Sun catcher

Day 371: If I Could Stop The Sun, I Could Stop Time

Urumqi – Wucaitan – Burqin, China Originally, judging from my limited time of travel (2 months for China, Nepal and India), I decided to ditch Nepal. Besides, it’s rainy season in Nepal in August and it’s the worst for trekking. Second option is to overland […]


Day 370: Skywalker

Urumqi – Tianshan – Urumqi, China With the private car and driver, I visited Tianshan Tianchi for the day. Located high in the mountain (“Tianshan” being “Sky Mountain”), the area has an entire different feel compared to the Turpan basin. I suppose that’s what Xinjiang […]

Turpan lady and her goat

Day 369: Journey to the West

Urumqi – Turpan – Urumqi, China Turpan is boat-shaped basin located in the southeast of Xinjiang. It is the centre of a fertile oasis and was historically a part of the Silk Road’s northern route. The weather condition is harsh, as Turpan is situated in a […]

Vanilla sky

Day 368: An Actual Solid Itinerary For the Week

Beijing – Urumqi, China Despite my constant refusal, my cousin Xiaoyun in the Xinjiang province booked me a flight ticket from Beijing to Urumqi. I’ve had wanted to visit them in Xinjiang since I’ve never met this part of my relatives before. However, I couldn’t […]