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Border control

Day 449: In Limbo

Ohrid, Macedonia – Belgrade, Serbia – Budapest, Hungary – Vienna, Austria My bus was at 5am. I woke up at 3:30am to find an hour difference between my watch and my iPhone. After a quick googling, I found out that there’s a daylight saving time […]

Doggie and his kennel :D

Day 83: Snooping Doggy Dog

Belgrade, Serbia – Sarajevo, Bosnia Bosnian’s landscape was surprisingly beautiful. Its hilly and mountain scene reminded me somewhat of the Alpine. En route to Sarajevo, we had a short lunch stop at a restaurant. Sarah and I bumped into two guys carrying what we later […]

Enjoy Coca Cola!

Day 82: Enjoy Coca Cola

Belgrade, Serbia Since I hate writing, I figure I can do guest entries. Sarah agreed to be the first. We went to visit this church. giant and beautiful and under construction. It has a mini-version right next to it. the top picture is the big […]

Sarah on the torpedo

Day 81: Sarah’s Here!

Belgrade, Serbia Sarah’s making it to Belgrade today from Italy! I killed time in the morning walking round town before going to the railway station to meet up with her.  Once she’s all settled in, we went to check out Nikola Tesla’s museum. The only […]

View of Serbian landscape from the train

Day 80: Around the World in 80 Days (Not!)

Budapest, Hungary – Belgrade, Serbia Caught the early morning train heading to Belgrade. The train ride was much nicer than the one from Zagreb to Budapest. There’s air conditioning and the view was awesome. I sat across from two British kids who entertained me by […]