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Day 294: This Is Not Poo

Medan, Indonesia Presentation is definitely not a top priority in Indonesian cuisine. These two dishes that I had today came in a mess of a plate. Let me assure you however, they tasted awesome. And the featured photo is Durian, known for its pungent smell. As […]

Alien encounter

Day 293: The Sash My Father Wore and Other Stories

Medan – Belawan – Medan, Indonesia I had not had much chance to spend time with my dad since he’s  busy working during weekdays. I figured I should just join him for the day at his work and get some quality daughter-daddy time. Ha! It […]

Sate Padang

Day 286: Hello Goodbye

Medan, Indonesia The reason I was in a rush to be back in Medan was to get a chance to meet Yohanna before she left for the States. I made it in time so we could spend a day together. It’d be another half a […]

Looking back at the past

Day 285: The Ghosts of the Distant Past

Jakarta – Medan, Indonesia It’s been eight years since I returned to my hometown, Medan. And it’s been eight years since I last saw my dad. It was a whirlwind of a day, starting with a two and a half hour delay on my two […]


Day 284: Gone Are the Vegemite Days

Christchurch, New Zealand – Sydney, Australia – Jakarta, Indonesia My alarm set off at 4am. I packed my sleeping bag and went to check in for my flight to Sydney. By 8am Australian time, I was at Sydney airport, with 5 hours to kill before […]