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Joaquin the photographer

Day 154: One January Day Through the Eyes of a 6-Year-Old

Puerto Lopez – Isla de la Plata – Puerto Lopez, Ecuador  Ladies and gentlemen, meet your Divemaster  and your certified Open Water Diver and the good folks who made it all possible :] Hehehe, good times, good times. On the boat today, I sent Joaquin, […]

Guatavo's Quito

Day 153: Lego My Ego

Puerto Lopez – Salango – Puerto Lopez, Ecuador I got random photos today… Puerto Lopez’s fishermen and their catch of the day: Divers in the water, diver out of the water: And last but not least, Gustavo’s sick tattoo:      

Flower and Night Lights

Day 152: Oceans Burning

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Taking mask off underwater and swimming with eyes opened in pool water full of chlorine = bad idea. Luis and I had to do our Divemaster course skill circuits in a pool today and one scenario that we had to do was […]

The boat's taken over by the birds

Day 151: La Isla Bonita

Puerto Lopez – Isla de la Plata – Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Today’s dives were supposed to be fun dives. Somehow though, I came back awfully tired. More so than yesterday. Bright and early in the morning, we drove out on the boat for an hour […]

Night in Puerto Lopez

Day 150: On’n’On

Puerto Lopez – Salango – Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Well well well, these are what I had done today: 400m swim 20-min float 800m snorkle swim 100m tired diver tow rescuing unconscious diver underwater rescuing unconscious diver on surface and performing rescue breath navigation and compass […]

Tuk  Tuk on the beach

Day 149: Found the Boa But Not the Elephant in It

Guayaquil – Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Today’s main task was to travel from Guayaguil to Puerto Lopez in the northwest. It’s a beach town where I plan to finish up the DiveMaster course. Honestly, I’m not even sure why I need or want a DM certification. […]

Colourful Guayaquil

Day 148: Death Cab for Cutie (I Know…We Aren’t Exactly Cute)

Guayaquil, Ecuador Richard and I decided to stay the full day today in Guayaquil to pretty much gather information and get our feet wet in Ecuador. After a bit of socializing during breakfast at the hostal, we knew at least what we could do for […]

Travel Buddies

Day 147: To the South, Capitán!

New York City – Atlanta – Miami, USA – Guayaquil, Ecuador Soooooo….. On my last entry, I said about heading about back out in mid December. That changed due to some ticketing complications. The first available award flight out of the USA to South America […]