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Day 437: Cat Power

Selcuk – Ephesus – Selcuk, Turkey

I have guest entry for today :]

Hello, this is Sugar from Hong Kong, a woman backpacker travel alone in Turkey.  I was glad to have a chance to write something on Elys’s blog.  Elys and I were met at a backpacker resort at Selcuk (Atillas Getaway).  I was told by travel agency that the Ephesus tour was fully booked.  And I knew that Elys will go Ephesus by herself, so, I decided to follow her, like I am following her blog now, hahaha.

Around 9:30am, after a hot tea at Atillas Getaway, we got on the mini bus opposited at Atillas Getaway, heading to the downtown of Selcuk, Elys and I went to travel agency to check her trip to Greek islands tomorrow, then, we went to a food shop, I still remembered that Elys ordered gozleme and I took away a sandwich before our Ephesus day tour.
By walking distance, our first stop was Ephesus museum, before visiting the ancient city of Ephesus, this museum was given us the historical backgroup of Ephesus.   So cool to be there first.
Next stop, we walked to St. Jean Aniti, arrived there around 11:00am, the sun was too strong, we decided to sit and talk under shallow tree before we looked around the St. Jean Aniti.  After that, we met a Turkish stranger who being very nice and sent us to the south gate of Ephesus.   After 5-10 mins, we arrived the south gate, there were a long way to walk around in Ephesus.
Before we reached Basilica of St. John and Terrace house in Ephesus, Elys accidentally found that there was a turtle at roadside, which its head, hands and feet tucked in the turtle back. This was too crazy I did believe Elys was the first one to discover Ephesus  turtle.  hahahaha… Elys believed that the little turtle was still alive, as she is really a lovely girl, therefore, she put the turtle into her camera bag, try to give some water to that little turtle, Elys told me to give some veggie of my sandwich to little turtle.  Half hour later, the little turtle was awoke.  This was so amazing, Elys saved a life of little turtle!!!!!!
Back to the Ephesus, there was crowded even we were told to visit in late afternoon, Elys took a lot of photos of cats in Ephesus, we talked and spend a great time in Ephesus.
Taking a mini bus from Ephesus back to downtown of Selcuk, Elys bought me a piece of pistachio baklava (she told me that this is a must try tukrish delight)  Thanks Elys, it was so delicious.
Before heading back to hostel, we went to hamam (turkish bath), the price was really cheap (about TL35) in Selcuk compare with Istanbul which have to pay more than 70TL.  We had a crazy experience when doing a hamman, firstly, we laid down on a hot stone with a lot of men laid next to us at the same time, then, washing and receiving a massage by Tukrish men in the same common area, which is very funny, we can see how the turkish men treat the male bathers.  They were hitting the back of male bathers so strong, we only heard the yelling from those male bathers. haha…
A cup of hot apply tea will be served after we were send to a cooling-room.   So relaxed to have a haman before dinner.  ^^
Good bye my lovely Elys, she will go to Samos tomorrow early morning, and I will head to Pamukkale.
Hope to see you again.

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