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Day 374: The Boy and His Dog

Burqin – Urumqi – Shihezi, China

The past few entries’ featured photos make me feel like a pedophile…
Not that I’m into kids or anything, but they’re easier to take photos of. I’m hesitant to approach adults. 

Anyway, on the last day of the tour, we went to a Mongolian grassland to be exposed to more culture:

• The land

• The settlement

• The food

• The dance

• The instrument and orchestra

• The acrobatic

• The horserace

• The rock collection

• Last but not least, the toilet!

Upon arriving in Urumqi, my relative Xiaoyun and her family (husband and daughter Wenwen) came to pick me up and together we went 2 hours away to a neighboring town called Shihezi. This will be the first time for me to meet the family of my mom’s long lost brother. It’s quite a tale, this story about the long lost brother but it will have to wait until other entry.

By the way, this kid is mad cute:

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