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Day 342: Christina’s 台灣

Taipei, Taiwan

I spent today with my cousin, Christina and I got her to guest-write this entry for me:

Elys and I had not met each other for many years. I was so happy and excited that I could meet Elys in Taipei. We had breakfast at a famous restaurant at Taipei, located at MRT Shan Dao Temple 善島寺, Exit No. 5, Hua Shan Market 2nd Fl. Even at 10 a.m we saw that the restaurant had long queue. We ordered 豆漿 soy milk, 米漿 rice milk,  燒餅油條 fried bread stick. This place is known by Japanese and Taiwanese, so you can notice both tourists and locals wait in a long line for breakfast, especially on weekend.

Hua Shan 1914 Creative Park, is not far for from that breakfast place, The creative park has a lot activities you can discover. Every week, different topics can be found in its gallery, restaurant, small concert venue, creative shops, exhibition, etc.

While walking down the road to go to Hua Shan Creative Park, Elys said: “ Is that the cash on the road ?” Woah, unbelieavable, She got NTD 800 (USD 26). So lucky !

光華商場 Guang Hua Market is a center to buy all stuff electronics (not far from Hua Shan Creative Park). Elys used up that USD 26 to buy lens camera, eraser lens camera, usb and earphones. Thanks Elys for giving the earphones to me, which she knew I needed.

Song Shan Cultural Park 松山文創園區,MRT 國父記念館 Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, exit no.5 .has some exhibition in the Taiwan Design Museum, only costing a mere NTD 50 (USD 1.6), if you have student card, it will cost less. Taiwan Design Museum featured Taiwan-made product design, International product and Barbie Fashion Box. Barbie Fashion Box is host by 林國基 Gojilin, a famous fashion designer. The collection included over one thousand Barbies.

Time for supper, I chose the place I like most: the night market place, 師大夜市 Shida night market,  MRT Taipower Building台電大樓, exit no.3.

My mom, my younger bro Antutu, Elys’ mom, Elys and I all gathered there and had yummy noodles( called 涼麵 cold noodles) and 水煎包 Pan Fried Stuffed Bun.

Within one day in Taipei, we went many places as Creative Park and night market. Welcome you all to discover the fun in Taipei too.

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