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Day 340: I’m a Food Digger

Taipei – Jinguashi – Jiufeng – Houtong – Keelung – Taipei, Taiwan

Jinguashi is an old mining town. For a long time, it was left undeveloped. Nowadays, it’s a famous day-trip destination due to its proximity to Taipei and to another tourist town Jiufeng. Two main things to do in Jinguashi are to visit the Gold Museum and to eat the miner’s lunchbox. Honestly, I was more keen on the latter.

On the same road that leads to Jinguashi, 15 minutes away, is the town of Jiufeng. Jiufeng is very touristy as it is very scenic. Walking through the narrow and packed old alleyways (now a tourist market, selling all kind of foods and knick knacls), you’ll find your way on top of a cliff overlooking the small town and the sea and neighbouring small islands in the distance. I was told the night view here is incredible and perfect for photography.

Next stop after Jiufeng was a town in the middle of nowhere called Houtong. Starting a few years ago, Houtong became famous because of its stray cats. A local author wrote about the town and its cats and somehow that put the small town into the map. The locals were obviously milking it, selling everything cat related there: cat cookies, cat cafe, cat postcards, etc. But hey, good for them ;] Cats are cool.

Last but not least, the harbor town Keelung. We went to the night market there. Taiwan has loads of these night markets. It’s a good place to have good foods and do some shopping. Visiting a night market is a must-do for Taiwan travel experience.

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