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Day 338: Shalala Lala

Taipei – Sansia – Dasi – Lalashan, Taiwan

I didn’t have any plan of travelling around Taiwan at all. However, apparently, Aunt Ho’s relatives had it all planned for us to do a three-day trip in the northern part of Taiwan :]

We left early morning and drove to Sansia where we visited an old street transformed into a touristy destination. Touristy places can actually be a lot of fun especially in Japan and Taiwan since they offer a lot of free tasting of local food products and delicacies. Walking down that one single old street of Sansia, we sampled a bunch of stuffs.

Then it’s off to Dasi, stopping over for lunch and visiting the market place. Surprise surprise! More food!

Our goal for today was to reach a mountain village in Lalashan. As we drove up the winding mountain road, the temperature dropped significantly. We chose the right time and the right day to travel since back in Taipei, the weather hit a staggering 38.6 degres celcius! In Lalashan, we enjoyed a breezy 20 degrees. We got there just in time for sunset. After a huge dinner, the six of us took a stroll down to the village center. It was a fine evening and we were a happy bunch.

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  1. cencen
    Posted 21 Jul at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    Ting, you are taking so good in picture, touch to your pic. Let me think that Taiwan is so beautiful. And happier to take tourist go to these places in Taiwan (JinGuaSi, Jiu Fen, San Xia, night market, etc). Welcome open for all come to Taiwan.

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