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Day 326: Green With Envy

Tokyo, Japan

For all you designers, producers and creative bunch out there… do visit Tokyo Advertising Museum if you’re in town. It’s free and it’s brilliant! Never thought I would spend so much time in that small museum.

It features all the coolest advertisement from blockprinting of the early days to magazine ads  to TV commercials to full-on campaigns. So much fresh ideas in there, I was mad jealous. Almost made me want to dash back to my old job and brainstorm some wicked concepts.

Some really sick ones:

Nike – Write the Future

Uniqlo –  Calendar

Burma – Free Burma

Supor Wok Campaign

Since it was my last night in Tokyo, Akie, Sayaka, Sedna and I had dinner together at home. They’re so much fun, I’m going to miss them.

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