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Day 325: You Ma’am, Are A Geek, Not A Scholar

Tokyo – Sendai – Matsushima – Sendai – Tokyo, Japan

I hit up another “Nihon Sankei” site for today: Matsushima. This area is famous for its hundreds of small pine tree covered islands. Hence the name “Matsu” (pine) and “Shima” (island). Strangely, I thought I took quite a lot of photos but none of them really convey the beauty of these islands. Probably because I was too cheap to pay $18 for the one-hour ferry ride through these islands. The few pictures I have of these islands, they all look small and insignificant.

Two figures associated with Matsushima are the Haiku poet Basho and the civil war era warlord Masamune. Both I happened to be familiar with the names albeit not from literature nor from history book. Basho, I know from a Japanese cartoon and Masamune from an RPG game. This just confirmed that I’m a geek, not a scholar. Sad.

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