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Day 324:Tiptoe Through the True Bits

Tokyo – Morioka – Tokyo, Japan

Again, why Morioka? I really have no clue. Probably because it’s raining in Nagano. Or it could be the current relentless Iwate region tourism campaign. I was in Morioka with loads of elderly (60+ years old) tourists. There must be some special discount for the Shinkansen tickets.

As written in Lonely Planet, Morioka is a small quiet town suitable for strolling around. That’s exactly what I did that day, visiting nowhere in particular. But prior to leaving Morioka, I made sure that I had the famous Morioka “Reimen” (Cold Noodle). By asking around some locals, and led by the lady from whom I bought bananas from, I ended up in the No. 1 Reimen place in Morioka. Woohooo!!!

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