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Day 322: Ten Thousands Red Gates, Zero Red Balloons

Kyoto – Tokyo, Japan

I think I’m overdosing on temples. I had wanted to go to Nara, another world heritage temple ground, probably very similar to Nikko and Miyajima. Upon researching online, I learnt that each temple there would cost me ¥500 a pop; price I’m not willing to shell out.

This morning when I looked into my bank account, I realized that my fund is running scarily low and I still have 5 months to go.

So screw Nara, I’m heading to free  spots today. First stop was the ten thousands Torii red gates at the Fushimi Inari temple. It was a good call. Lovely place. Although it’s also another religious ground, it’s quite distinctive with the long red gates. Seeing this, I finally realized what the exhibit in NYC’s Central Park called “The Gates” was based on.

Then I made a point to go to Gion for some Geisha-spotting. No Geisha in Gion of course. But loads of tourists dressed in kimonos. I did however saw a real geisha in Kyoto terminal shopping in a store. To go to Gion, I refused to spend $4 on bicycle rental and walked all the way and back. It might have been a bad call. I would have, in total, walked 7 hours for today in flip flops. My feet hurt :(

Hopping on another bullet train, I returned to Tokyo to Akie’s at night; in time to wish her a happy birthday.

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