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Day 305: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Pulau Weh, Indonesia

We woke up to a nice morning.  Putting on our gear, loaded everything up to the boat and all of a sudden the west wind and rain came in with full force out of nowhere. Thank you God for your fresh morning shower! (Not!!) Determined, we continued our boat ride.

Our plan to stop at Batee Tokong (Strong Stone in local language) failed due to strong current. We went to Selako Drift instead. Paying homage to the name, we were literally drifting in the current. Taking picture (again) has turned out to be another challenge, especially when you had to hang on to your knickers everytime you stop from the commotion.  I decided to just enjoy the ride and couldn’t wait for our way back to the boat.

We then asked Ampon and Robi, to just stayed in House Reef for the second dive and do some muck diving. Thankfully, it was some easy dive. The best part of muck diving was you just stay in one place and let the little critters reveal themselves to you. Hello, banded shrimps. And this OCD typed shrimps, came up to Ampon’s mouth , dying to clean it. But when I tried it, he won’t budge, guest my teeth were perfectly clean haha. The highlight of this dive was ghost pipe fish! Robi found one pair underneath dying coral in front of a Moray Eel. Perfect moment to capture but my battery just decided to give its last breath and went into hibernation AAArrrrgggghhhh!!! Thus end our Weh’s diving trip.

After continuous request for an authentic Gule Kambing, Robi finally managed to arrange for an intimate dinner for us in Long Beach, Iboih, 20minutes from where we stayed. What makes it authentic is ganja, or bakung in local language. In the good old days, it is used to tenderized the meat. But it’s not as easily found or cheaply bought these days. I’m not quite sure what they put it in, but that meat was definitely tender that night and I was somehow soo happy afterwards hahaha.

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