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Day 176: Taquile? Tequila?

Amantani – Taquile – Puno, Peru

Beatrice woke Alberto and I up at 6:30 and fixed us breakfast. Then we’re sent off to the port for our boat ride leaving the island.

An hour journey brought us to the island Taquile. The weather had been dreadful. It had been raining  non stop from the night before. Still, we had to hike up the hill on Taquile. On top of it, we visited the artisan’s market and also got a crash course on the pre-Incan culture and the workmanship of their arts and crafts.

For lunch, we had the island’s famous trout dish. The three-course meal only costed a mere $3.50.

Hiking down was so much nice as the weather had cleared up.

After the three hour boat ride, I was back in Puno and was dropped off at my hostel. I found myself to be the only guest in the entire hostel. I paid for the cheapest room (6-person dorm) and got the whole place for myself :]

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