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Day 174: Cellar Door

Puno, Peru

I read online that it’s best to apply for Bolivian visa in Puno prior to entering the border. Reason being that it’s cheaper and it prevents one from getting turned away at the border.

WRONG! First of, it’s the same price (an outrageous $135). Secondly, the gentleman at the consulate insisted that I get it at the border. But at least he provided me the visa application form and double check all my paperworks.

The Internet connection at my hostel was fantastic. I took the day relaxing, updating the blog and planning my next move.

After a whole morning of inquiring all around town for prices on excursions to Lake Titicaca, I decided to go for the 2 days 1 night tour. It’s a good deal and it won’t be any cheaper (or at all cheaper) to do the DIY visit. For only $28, I’ll get to visit 3 islands (Los Uros, Amantani, Taquile) and stay in one of the island with a local family. Lessons learned from time spent in Peru is never to go with the first offer. It pays to ask around and bargain.

I was lost for a bit walking around town and found a rocky path to a top of a hill. I went up and my oh my, what a view from up there! I think I’m in love with Puno. It’s such a photogenic town. I hung around up there for a while and then walked back down to the town centre with my new friend, the knitting granndma.

Today I also broke the record of finding the cheapest set menu: 3 soles ($1.11)! Sounds awfully cheap of me but it’s fun and it gives a sense of great accomplishment. Besides, I need to cut down cost here and there o balance the amount that I have to pay for the Bolivian visa.

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