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Day 173: Free and Easy, Take 2

Arequipa – Puno, Peru

Per suggestion by the hostel’s receptionist, I didn’t buy my bus ticket in town. I went straight to the  terminal and winged it there.It was the thing to do cos it’s easily 2/3 the price of what I was quoted in town.

Although… the suggested bus company was weak. My bus was without air conditioning and unopenable windows. All throughout the ride, barkers hopped on from different stops yelling out their merchandise or service, in microphones. I suppose one gets what one pays for. The ticket was cheap.

7 hours later, I arrived in Puno. Puno turned out to be a very pretty town. It’s a lot less hectic than Arequipa. Located right by the Titicaca lake, Puno is also backed by hills surrounding it.

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