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Day 169: Mummified

Nazca, Peru

Two main excursions to do in Nazca were the viewing of the Nazca Lines and the mummies in Chauchilla Cemetery.

Our hostel offered tours that went to these places. Nazca Lines for 35 soles and Chauchilla Cemetery for 45 soles per person. Being frugal, we tried to visit these places ourselves. We ended up only paying 6 soles each to go to Nazca Lines and 15 soles each to go to Chaucilla Cemetery. WINNING!

I was thrilled of our success that I decided to start a section of my blog called “Travel Cheat Sheet.” Do check it out, may come in handy for you folks if you plan to visit these places.

Anyway, Nazca Lines were mmm, lines, in the middle of nowhere. I think it’d had been a lot more impressive viewing it from an airplane. But hey, at least I’d seen them. Besides, the PanAmerican highway that we had to travel on to get to the site was by itself quite amazing. It stretches through the vast dry land and actually cutting through some of the Nazca Lines. They didn’t realize the existence of these lines when the highway was built.

As for Chauchilla Cemetery, I had fun taking photos of all the mummies, ranging from baby mummy, kid mummy, girl mummy, mummy couple etc. Also enroute to the cemetery, we asked our taxi driver to stop by a ceramic workshop to have a free tour.

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