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Day 163: Mister Snob

San Cristobal, Ecuador

I say, sea lions own San Cristobal. They take over the beach, the lighthouse, and even the benches in town. And all they do is sleep, play and burp. I always tell people that if reincarnation exists, I’ll want to be the Japanese hot spring monkeys. Now, I have my second choice: Galapagos’ sea lion. They have awesome lifestyle.

Richard and I went to the nearest beach in town, called Playa Mann. Nobody’s there except for sea lions. As we snorkle, this one sea lion keep swimming around us. He’s so chilled out, I swear he’s on something. And whatever that something is, I want a part of it.

After the snorkeling, we went to visit Centro de Interpretacion; a free and very informative museum about Galapagos. At the end of the museum, there were pathways that led to different scenic parts of the island.


  1. Kitti
    Posted 27 Jan at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    Sea lions are more than funny. XD
    Nice photos!
    I just checked all of the posts so far and am so jealous! :P
    Have fun and take care!

    • Elys
      Posted 29 Jan at 11:58 pm | Permalink

      Hi Kitti! Sea lions are tons of fun to be around with. Thanks for still checking up on me through my blog. I’ll be in Hungary again late summer or early fall this year. Hope to see you again then :]

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