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Day 156: Honey Bunny

Puerto Lopez – Guayaquil, Ecuador

Mmm, before heading to the bus station to catch a ride back to Guayaquil, Richard and I had a big breakfast. We ordered the same dish that we had and liked a few days ago. It was kinda like a mixture of Chinese dumpling and Italian ravioli. It’s called Wareniki. All the time I had presumed that it’s South American dish but it turns out to be Ukrainian. And the proper name is Varenyky.

I have yet to have rice and beans since I got here. However, I’m not in a hurry. I’ll be in South America for another 3 months.

After arriving at Guayaquil’s bus station, we took a taxi straight to the airport. The goal is to find out the cheapest price and availability between the three main airlines that fly Galapagos: LAN Ecuador, TAME, Aerogal.

Aerogal was the cheapest but no longer available to the next day flight. TAME was the most expensive. We ended up purchasing LAN Ecuador’s at $472. *sigh* This Galapagos trip is going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Michel had given me cheat sheet for the trip though, so we’re not totally clueless when we get there.

With our flight tickets sorted out, Richard and I went back to the hostel we stayed the first night we got into Ecuador. We spent a lazy late afternoon getting early dinner and hanging out with the hostel’s bunny.

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