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Day 119: Meet Me at the Stereo Store Next to the Dead Fountain

Mijas Coste – Marbella – Algeciras, Spain – Gibraltar, UK – Algeciras, Spain

Time to move on! We got all too comfy at David’s. Finally, we’re leaving Mijas to catch a bus from Marbella to Algeciras. Algeciras is a Spanish town without anything interesting. The only reasons travellers stay here are to either to use it as base to go to Gibraltar or to board the ferry to Morocco. It’s both for Storm and I. We got in Algiceras at 4pm and as soon as we dropped our backpacks at the hostels, we went on a bus to check out Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is this peninsula in south of Spain, owned by the Brits. If I have to describe Gibraltar town, I’ll say it’s like a failing mall.

Storm described it as a containment zone after zombie outbreak. The town is unattractive, very much like a giant housing project.

Crossing from Spain to Gibraltar was mad wild though. We basically walked through the runway of the world’s fifth most dangerous airport. Midway through it, we heard the announcement “Pedestrians. Please cross quickly. The runway is now closed for pedestrians.” And two minutes later, a plane took off.

Meanwhile, the custom and passport control was a joke. The man was fixing his computer monitor when I tried to show him my passport. He didn’t even bother to glance.

But anyway…

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