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Day 117: Paella Paella Paella Without Ingredient

Mijas Coste – Marbella – Mijas Coste, Spain

Another lazy day. Woke up  at almost 11. Made paella  for lunch at 2. Here’s the secret to David’s Paella-Without-Ingredient:

1. Sing the Paella anthem

2. Put together the ingredient (basically whatever you have)

3. Throw them in a pan and stir them up

4. Keep adding water until the rice is soft

5. Remove from heat and cover with cloth

6. Remove cloth after 15 mins

7. Perfecto!

After lunch, Storm and I had a not-so-bright idea to go biking. Not smart. First, Mijas Coste is damn hilly. Second, David’s bike tires are flat and we ended up having to walk the bikes for half an hour to the closest gas station. Third, Mijas Coste beach is full out fat, tanned, rich English elderly.

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