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Day 115: Lust for Life

Sant Boi – Barcelona – Sant Boi – Malaga – Mijas Costa, Spain

I would bet my money that Gaudi was one of the following:
a) an alien
b) once captured by Martians and spent a good amount of his time in the outerspace colony
c) slightly insane
d) came from the future
e) made a pact with the devil

Or it’s probably just the hater in me trying to make sense of his awesomeness and justify my own inferiority. His work is so unconventional and way ahead of its time. He put my “copy-ninja” design skill to shame…

Some eye candies from Sagrada Familia:

Video: (apology for the super shaky shot; it’s not the capuccino, I just naturally got shaky hands)

Pedro had suggested that I visit Mercat Boqueria. Mercat = market. It was a fantastic advice. I had a lot of fun tasting different delicacies in there and taking photos. A+!

Anyway, I went back late afternoon to Pedro’s and Marta’s to get my backpack and head to the airport. Lovely Marta even packed me sandwiches, fruit, desert and napkin! It’s incredible how she’s so attentive to details.

8pm. I was at Malaga’s airport and David and Storm were there to pick me up. Mi amigos! Mi amigos locos!


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  1. sarah
    Posted 20 Sep at 6:26 am | Permalink

    i think it had to have been more than 1 of the options between a) and e) sounds like you had a great time in barcelona! what an incredible city!

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