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Day 94: Vorsprung Durch Technik

Munich, Germany

I love Europe’s big cities for their free walking tours. Joined one that pretty much covered the main sights in Munich’s city center.

• The oldest beer hall, Hofbrauhaus

• The square where Adolf Hitler did his rally

• The church built by the devil himself (long story…)

• The town hall with it’s 2nd most overrated bell ring and clockwork in Europe

• Michael Jackson memorial???

From the tour I found out that Munich is:
• The birthplace of biergarten!
• Where Hitler rose to power
• The place to be during Oktoberfest (not that it matters to me)

After the walking tour, I paid the Deutsche Museum a visit. Figure it’s a suitable thing to do since the German is famous for it’s science and technology. Besides, it also satisfied the inner geek in me.

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